Our show

From the early beginnings, the Brouci Band has endeavoured to perform every song of the Beatles repertoire as authentically as possible. Each song has been meticulously rehearsed after careful study of studio performances and audio and video recordings from live concerts. The secret lies in respecting every single detail, including harmony, every change of chord, every element of the music and many other details that cannot be omitted. Mixing all these “ingrediends” together makes for a magical picture and a perfect illusion of live performances by the Beatles. Apart from a perfectly fashioned sound, the Brouci Band also pay meticulous attention to image, synchronisation and production, which win the hearts even of the most obdurate and critical fans.

Original instruments and stage gear!

„John“ – Epiphone „1965“ Casino, Rickenbacker 325 „John Lennon Miami“, Gibson J-160E, Epiphone „Revolution“ Casino, VOX AC30
„Paul“ – 1964 Höfner „Paul McCartney“ Violin Bass, Rickenbacker 4001S, Fender Jazz Bass, VOX AC100
„George“ – Gretsch G6122-1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman, Rickenbacker 360/12 C63, Fender „George Harrison – Rocky“ Stratocaster, Gibson „Lucy“ Les Paul, Fender Rosewood Telecaster, VOX AC30
„Ringo“ – Ludwig „Fab 4″ Black Oyster set

Exact replicas of the Beatles‘ famous costumes:

„Sullivan Suits“ – Have you ever seen the famous Ed Sullivan Show in 1964? These are the same suits the Beatles wore!
„A Hard Day’s Night Suits“ – Well, you can see these in the scenes of „A Hard Day’s Night“ and also during The Beatles‘ 1964 world tour.
„Sgt. Pepper’s Uniforms“ – Exact replicas of Sgt. Pepper Uniforms as seen in the official video of „Hello Goodbye“
„Shea Stadium Jackets“ – Replica Jackets worn by the Beatles in 1965 at the famous Shea Stadium concert in New York!
„Abbey Road Costumes“ – Studio year costume. Just like the famous Abbey Road LP cover.

All of our costumes can be seen in our photo gallery.

Types of events where the band performs:

Brouci Band – The Beatles Tribute perform at all types of events such as public concerts, city festivals, private events, corporate parties, weddings etc.